It is critical that you find an attorney who is efficient and effective in handling your case. The Law Offices of Carina Castaneda possess these qualities and will work tirelessly to ensure justice is served.


As we all know, hiring an attorney to represent you could be very expensive. While…

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The month of April has been designated Child Abuse Prevention Month in the United States…

A constitutional right to an attorney, unlike in criminal cases do not extend to family…

  • A Brilliant Attorney
    Carina Castaneda is a very skilled, professional, and experienced attorney. She patiently takes her time to work on cases and puts a lot of effort to guarantee satisfactory results to her clients. In my year-long divorce case which ended up being tried, Carina was exceptional in her organizational and presentation skills. She stayed in touch with me on an almost daily basis and informed me of what was happening in a timely manner. She offered expert legal advice and calmed me down when matters got rough. Not only is she knowledgeable about family law, but she is also well aware of the business law and criminal law. After a serious battle over child custody, I got primary physical custody of my daughter with an acceptable amount of child and spousal support. I was truly lucky to hire a lawyer like her and I would never forget how high she lifted me up when I was down. I would describe her as a woman of steel with just the right amount of warmth and compassion! Thanks Carina!
    – Maya
  • Enforcement /Establishment of International Support Order
    I consulted with Carina regarding enforcement of international support order from out of US that DES AG's office was trying to enforce in AZ US. She provided expert guidance and is extremely knowledgable in all matters related to International Support orders and also possible establishment in US. Carina is very attentive and available to address all concerns in a timely manner.  
    – Child Support Client
  • Finest Representation
    I have no idea what to expect since I had never been through this before. I was so scared. To hire a lawyer, Atty. Carina Castaneda, was the strong recommendation offered by a friend. She’s friendly, warm and genuine. As we discussed my case on our first meeting, I felt protected, informed, cared for and stressed free. I was impressed with her legal abilities. She’s non-judgmental and she gives great advice. You can trust her and tell her anything. I am confident that each client who will will receive the finest representation since I receive a better judgment more than what I expected.  
    – Noel, a Domestic Violence Client