What's a Mother to Do?
What's a mother to do when a deadbeat dad doesn't pay the custodial parent what is rightfully due to their child under a court order support agreement? Call Carina Castaneda! Carina walked me through the process of opening a claim to enforce collection through the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and she provided me with some of the forms required to make my case in support of non-payment. Carina’s advice was instrumental in assisting me with opening my claim online. I was able to fill out the online application and upload the necessary documents to make my case. Thanks to Carina the government is now working for me to protect my son’s interest. Carina’s advice and support were invaluable and I would highly recommend her for your legal needs.
– Client
#1 Lawyer
I had a case going for a couple of years, I needed an attorney for my 5yr restraining order renewal, I was searching for an attorney but having a difficult time. A friend gave me Ms. Castaneda information and there was immediate contact. Ms. Castaneda did not make promises or paint of pretty picture of an unrealistic outcome, she gave honest responses to all of my questions. She worked hard, she found resources that I could work with, she problem solved and she was very very compassionate with my 12 yrs old child, we went to court various times, we had a lot of difficulty along the way with the adverse party, and finally after almost 5 months, she delivered the most wonderful results to me. I not only got a renewal of a restraining order but I got a Permanent Restraining Order. This woman is amazing, she's honest, she's caring, and considerate. If anyone ever needs an honest, hard-working intelligent attorney who can deliver results, Carina Castaneda is the one to call.
– Client
Thorough and Comprehensive Work
I RECOMMEND CARINA CASTANEDA. The family law judgment and orders were vague. The work Carina did was complex, well-planned and executed to get to an outcome that should have been better defined by the courts the first time the orders were made. Carina has the experience with family law post judgment issues related to support and property division to get the result that I needed.
– SR
Best decision I made this decade hiring Carina!
I hired Carina for what was supposed to be a simple divorce case back in 2011, but my ex-wife and her lawyer made it difficult and the case dragged on until we finally reached a settlement 9 years later. Because my marriage was over 10 years, the 1 year alimony at a reduced rate was an outcome I didn’t expect to get. And thanks to Carina, I did and I am extremely happy with the outcome! Throughout the 9 years, Carina has been very attentive, knowledgeable and professional in her handling of my case. She even suggested that I filed for bifurcation so I can marry my pregnant girlfriend. Hopefully my second marriage will last, if not I know who to call. I will for sure keep Carina in my contact if I ever need her again.
– Cuong
Highly Recommended!
I hired Carina and she was there every step of the way for me. Best choice I ever made!
– Client
Dedicated, Amazing, Laborious Lawyer
I hired Carina Castaneda as my lawyer for a complicated divorce with many properties and assets. I could not have made a better decision. Carina Castaneda has made several discoveries to help with my case and has shown her skill set several times during trial dates for my divorce. She is the only reason I still have a roof over my head, she made the judge see the circumstances of my divorce and thanks to her hard work has made it possible for me to continue to be able to cover expenses while this divorce continues. She has been very caring and supportive during this very arduous divorce and I could not be more grateful for the amount of hard work that she has put into my case.
– Victoria
The title of my review is grateful and that’s exactly how I felt when I worked with Carina. Before hiring Carina I consulted several lawyers but did not feel like they knew what they were doing and rather instilled fear and anxiety in regard to my situation. When I met Carina she was knowledgeable about the courts, and really looked into my case and believed in me. She represented me in and out of court for almost a year and half. It was a very difficult time for me but Carina gave me reassurance every step of the way. My case eventually was dismissed all due to Carina her skills, knowledge of the laws and expertise. I would recommend at the very least a consultation with Carina if you are going through legal issues and need some direction. Once again I am grateful for Carina’s guidance and representation.
– Client
Remain Silent and call Carina before you let the Police interview you
My family got caught in an administrative nightmare loop that involved LAPD and DCFS. We made a huge mistake and acquiesced to a police interview. We then retained Carina and her team, who helped resolve our situation before anything got filed. I cannot emphasize this enough...it is critically important that if the police ever want to interview you or a family member, politely defer the interview, remain firm on this and REMAIN SILENT, then immediately call Carina....she is a true Gem.
– Client
DUI Defense
Carina is very personable, but also very professional. She has extensive knowledge and experience in this area of law, and made me feel very comfortable that she would be able to handle my case effectively and efficiently. She had a complete understanding of all the issues that surrounded my situation and knew exactly what steps to take at all times. She was able to communicate complex procedures to me very clearly and was always available to respond to my many questions and concerns. She defended me expertly and was able to obtain the best result possible. I was extremely satisfied with Carina's representation of me and I highly recommend her for any engagement in this area of law.
– Kayla
Felt like my mom came to get me out of trouble when I met her
I was wrongly charged for a felony and two misdemeanors leaving me bewildered, scared and confused. The power of the government is overwhelming. I was referred to Ms. Castaneda by a close friend. She immediately found time in her busy schedule to accommodate a meeting with me. I felt comfortable with her the moment she greeted me. Not once did I feel anxious again regarding my case after our initial consultation. Ms. Castaneda insisted that we develop a comprehensive mitigation packet to be sent to the prosecutors BEFORE the judge even read my case. The extra work before my plea date, made all the difference in the world to keep my record clean. I have retained attorneys in the past and wondered how they could justify the fees they were charging. Not so with Ms. Castaneda. It was very evident early that her value is in her professionalism, cordial and down-to-earth personality and her experience with the various courts in the community. She is also a mother which makes her seem much more human. I would recommend Carina and her team to my own family. She is a force to be reckoned with!
– Jonathan
Phenomenal Experience!
Mrs. Castaneda from my first phone conversation with her to the finalization of my case was nothing less than impressive. Her attention to detail and professionalism are bar none.
– Tyler
She gave me life
Yes, she really gave me my life back. Carina helped me with an overseas move away case, helped me bring light to a prior custody agreement I’ve signed being ignorant of California family’s law. Being already away, communicating in my poor English, she totally understood my entire situation. I recommend her with all my heart, I believe she’s great at her job and she works hard in every case she may have. Always available, gently and professional. Thank you very much. We are happy today because of you!
– Ela
A Brilliant Attorney
Carina Castaneda is a very skilled, professional, and experienced attorney. She patiently takes her time to work on cases and puts a lot of effort to guarantee satisfactory results to her clients. In my year-long divorce case which ended up being tried, Carina was exceptional in her organizational and presentation skills. She stayed in touch with me on an almost daily basis and informed me of what was happening in a timely manner. She offered expert legal advice and calmed me down when matters got rough. Not only is she knowledgeable about family law, but she is also well aware of the business law and criminal law. After a serious battle over child custody, I got primary physical custody of my daughter with an acceptable amount of child and spousal support. I was truly lucky to hire a lawyer like her and I would never forget how high she lifted me up when I was down. I would describe her as a woman of steel with just the right amount of warmth and compassion! Thanks Carina!
– Maya
Recommendation for Carina Castaneda
Carina was very organized and cared about not only a positive result, but also the family members themselves. She's a great lawyer and person, with a family of her very own!
– Defense Client
Under Promised and Over Delivered
I was arrested last year and was charged with one felony and one misdemeanor. Being a first-time offender I was petrified about the possibility of jail time, and having a criminal record. Carina was recommended to me by a trusted associate, and she immediately stood out as a professional whom I could trust. Once I retained Carina, she immediately went to work on my case. During the three month period leading to the pre-trial, she was able to reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor, and negotiate no jail time. At the pre-trail, the months of negations with the city attorney's office paid off. The more serious charge was dismissed, and I plead no contest to the lesser misdemeanor charge. Because of this outcome, my employer deemed that I am not a liability, and I was able to retain my job. In one year, I plan to have the charge expunged from my record. Because of Carina Castaneda I was able to stay out of jail, plead no contest to a lesser charge, and keep my job. I have learned valuable life changing lessons since my arrest. It was truly an intervention in my life, and I am now a better person for going through the entire process. I now live with a clear conscience and I'm very grateful that I have been given a second chance at life. Because of Carina's skill set as a criminal attorney my family has been afforded a bright future. Thank You, Carina!  
– Fred
Enforcement /Establishment of International Support Order
I consulted with Carina regarding enforcement of international support order from out of US that DES AG's office was trying to enforce in AZ US. She provided expert guidance and is extremely knowledgable in all matters related to International Support orders and also possible establishment in US. Carina is very attentive and available to address all concerns in a timely manner.  
– Child Support Client
She knows her stuff!!!
Incredible amount of knowledge and experience!!! I had researched my issues prior to our consultation and already knew the law and particular facts without research or hesitation!! Sick em!!  
– Mark Stewart Watley
Outstanding Performance
Ms. Castañeda was extremely helpful when I came to her with my case. She put my mind at ease with her knowledge and experience in cases like mine. She was able to address all my concerns, and Salk the possible outcomes in my case. Her experience was indeed proven in court when she was able to get my sentence reduction also known as (nunc pro tunct) Her experience was indeed proven in court when she was able to get my case granted. Based on my personal experience. I would highly recommend Ms. Castañeda as a defense attorney to anyone that needs one. Thank You  
– Beatriz
Knowledgeable and Determination
I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It was quite a long and upsetting process and I could never thought anyone would stay by my side for this long but you were very generous regarding it. She's the only lawyer i trust from day one she's been very honest and truthful, I highly recommend her.  
– Paul
Defended my Child
Carina gave myself and my child detailed information on everything we needed to know and answered all our questions. We retained her services and she worked on the case fast. She has vast knowledge and will always give you an honest answer.  
– Criminal Defense Client
Amazing Job
As an 18 year old, I was arrested for having a fake ID. I spent the night in jail facing a charge for felony forgery. With the help of Carina, the charges were all dismissed and all I had to do was pay a fine for an infraction (not a felony or even a misdemeanor). Fast forward to five years later: I have graduated from college and am working a steady job. Thanks to Carina I did not have to bring up this experience when looking for work and was able to check the "not convicted" box on every application. Carina did a great job of communicating with me and my family. She explained every detail of the process and her expertise was evident. I would recommend her services to anybody in a sticky situation. She will be honest, upfront, and optimistic about your case.  
– Criminal Defense Client
Extremely Effective and Knowledgable Attorney
Ms. Castaneda is an extremely effective and knowledgable attorney. Her professional conduct and her background as a Deputy District Attorney proved effective in the outcome of my criminal case. Ms. Castaneda's guidance throughout my legal procedure reassured and alleviated my legal ignorance. I trusted her implicitly in all my legal affairs. I have nothing but the utmost praise for her legal expertise and the sincerest gratitude for what she has done for me throughout my legal proceedings.  
– Eufemio
A Father's Case
When my marriage ended it looked like I would only see my daughter one weekend a month. But when Carina took charge of the custody and child support case that all changed. She managed to get joint custody for me and she made the child support affordable. Carina really showed her twenty years of courtroom experience in my case. Her fees were reasonable and she didn't even charge me for things she could have. I will be forever grateful for all of her hard work.  
– Kevin
Child Support Case
Carina was my attorney for a child support issue. She is honest, direct, knowledgeable, responsive, and efficient. She kept me informed throughout the entire process and protected my interests effectively. She was superb in every respect. I felt comfortable knowing that I had great representation. I highly recommend her for family legal matters.  
– Melanie
Amazing Carina
Carina did an amazing job communicating the legal information for me & my father; so that we felt updated & stress free about the legal findings. She never promised an outcome; but reassured us that she has been in courtrooms enough to precisely navigate the legal ramifications. I have never trusted a lawyer until now. I would recommend her to ALL of my family & friends. She saved me a lot of time & money...which never happens in legal situations. Carina single handedly put my faith back into the legal system. My case had emotional elements to them. Carina handled them with grace & respect; which was truely genuine & greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! If you want a winner...Carina is your PERFECT candidate.  
– Colleen, a DUI Client
The best Family Lawyer!
– John, a Family Law Client
Finest Representation
I have no idea what to expect since I had never been through this before. I was so scared. To hire a lawyer, Atty. Carina Castaneda, was the strong recommendation offered by a friend. She’s friendly, warm and genuine. As we discussed my case on our first meeting, I felt protected, informed, cared for and stressed free. I was impressed with her legal abilities. She’s non-judgmental and she gives great advice. You can trust her and tell her anything. I am confident that each client who will will receive the finest representation since I receive a better judgment more than what I expected.  
– Noel, a Domestic Violence Client
Carina Castaneda Review
Carina Castaneda has been a dream come true, she truly went out of her way to do everything I asked and more. She was very supportive and made sure I was in the best position possible. I would not have had it any other way. I have my career and future to thank her for and I cannot thank her enough.  
– Fernando
Trustworthy and effective attorney
My family and I went to Carina Castaneda when we learned about her wide range of experience regarding criminal defense cases. While I will not go into specific detail about my particular case, mine can be considered unique. Due to poor representation with a lawyer prior to Carina, my case should have never turned into a conviction to begin with. I am so grateful that we were able to find Carina to resolve matters. From the start, Attny Castaneda proved to be organized, efficient, and dependable. She was very good and timely with communication, consistently keeping me updated about the process and status of my case. Throughout our time working together, I always felt reassured that Carina would be able to handle everything appropriately. Finding a good attorney is difficult, but to find one that is not only effective but also trustworthy and compassionate toward her clients is like a diamond in the rough. Carina is knowledgeable in various aspects in/of the field and I believe it is her experience and perseverance that contribute to the successful outcomes among her clients, me included. Ultimately, my main goal was to get my case sealed and destroyed, which due to technicalities, could not be done through the traditional route. Instead, Attny Castaneda knew of an alternative route in which my petition could be rightfully granted. Ultimately, the petition to have my records sealed and destroyed was granted on December 27, 2012. As mentioned, my case should have never been a conviction from the onset, which Carina explained and made clear to the court. I am fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with Attny Castaneda and being represented by her. I can honestly say that it is because of her that I can move forward and look onto a bright future.
– Client
Successful Immigration Case
I applied for citizenship but was denied due to history of previous arrests, I don't know what to do until I found Carina Castaneda's ads in the Philippine News. I tried my luck at least that's what I thought. but the moment I talked to her on my consultation I know I have someone on my side. She prepared all the legal documents that the immigration was requesting which seems to be impossible for me to acquired. She also prepared me through coaching for the day of the interview. She went with me in the immigration office on my day of interview, which made me confident that I have a knowledgeable defender in my side for support and I'm thankful everything turn out successful. On Nov. 19, 2012, I passed the immigration interview for US citizenship.  
– Rex, an Immigration Client
Looking for an Efficient Lawyer?
Nobody recommended me to Attorney Castaneda, but I'm glad I found her through an ads in Asian Journal. She works closely with my case from beginning to end. She deals professionally with her clients & a compassionate person, more so, she's down-to-earth.  
– Appeals Client
A Brilliant and Talented Lawyer
If you are looking for aggressive and top notch representation then look no further! Attorney Castaneda is very diverse in different areas of the law. It is because of her diversity she is able to accurately and successfully provide exceptional representation to all her clients. I hired Attorney Castaneda about two weeks ago to represent a family member who was put in immigration removal proceedings after being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to do post conviction relief for my sister so that she would no longer have an "aggravated felony" thus eliminating automatic bars from most types of relief. A few days after retaining Ms. Castaneda, she already had s draft of the motion and was finalized shortly after. Post conviction relief is often very tough to achieve and can take a few months if successful. In less than two weeks, Ms. Castaneda had the motions and brief drafted, had all the supporting documents, and most importantly handled and won my sister's case. Its very impressive and it's no wonder why Attorney Castaneda sets herself apart from all the rest. In my previous occupation, I worked with several lawyers in the past but never have I came across one like Ms. Castaneda. She is very compassionate towards her clients, very aggressive in legal representation, and very prompt in returning my calls and responding to emails keeping me constantly informed and updated. When it comes to defending yourself or a loved one, The only advice I can give is to never settle for someone who is inexperienced because for many people it's about preserving their life and freedom. Always choose a lawyer who is very knowledgeable and delivers high caliber representation... Choose Attorney Carina Castaneda!  
– Criminal Defense Client
Grateful to Attorney Castaneda
My case is something I want to remain confidential. Working with Atty. Castaneda made me feel like it was all going to work out and it did. My criminal case was dismissed. In my first appointment with her, she wanted to know about me and my family. She told me that the police report was not going to show the good things about me and that she needed to represent me accordingly. She asked about my job, my kids, community service, etc. I really feel you can tell her anything--she is not intimidating, in fact, she is so down to earth that you can not believe she has done so much. I would let everyone know who has a case to call her. I have recommended her to friends and if it is not her area, she is so nice, she will take the time to call you back and try to give you a referral to another attorney. I was very lucky to find her.  
– Criminal Defense Client