Atty. Castaneda negotiated a deal with the Orange County Department of Child Support Services, the Petitioner and her attorney, and accepted by the Court, which allowed her client (the Respondent) to pay fifty percent (50%) of the accrued child support arrears.

Additionally, her client’s criminal contempt charges were dismissed, the government and all enforcement mechanisms terminated, including but not limited to, clearing his credit reports, releasing his driver’s license, and renewing his passports have all been initiated. The government will be closing the case.

The client graciously wrote a review in Avvo.com entitled “Phenomenal Experience!” which reads, “Mrs. Castaneda from my first conversation with her to the finalization of my case was nothing less than impressive. Her attention to detail and professionalism are bar none.”

Atty. Castaneda spoke with the mother/petitioner in detail with the consent of her attorney.  She understood that the emotional issues in these cases are at times more critical than the monetary aspect. The child-at-issue is now over eighteen years old and “thriving.” Both parents recognize that money will not heal an absent parent but may start to “mend the wounds.”

Atty. Castaneda wished both parents and more importantly their child the best in the future and even more success!

Please go to her website attycastaneda.com and read her article entitled “Waiver of non-aid child support arrears”

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