carinaAtty. Castañeda had represented one of the defendants in a multi-defendant real estate fraud case and was able to get 24 counts dismissed against him. She also prevented her client from serving any prison time unlike the other defendant. Due to her effective representation of her client, he was able to keep his job while obeying and completing his probation terms of community service.

Approximately three years ago, her client approached her again to see if she could file “something” with the court that could help him “move up” at his company. He has been prevented from advancing in his company due to his convictions. Atty. Castañeda indicated to him that she will file a motion to get his criminal charges reduced from felonies to misdemeanors, obtain an early termination of probation, and get his case dismissed (“expunged”). But this will not be easy and she warned him that there are substantial issues that she will need to overcome.

Atty. Castañeda spoke to his probation officer, obtained all his payments to probation for restitution, character letters from family, colleagues, and friends. Additionally, she prepared a detailed and informative memorandum of points and authorities outlining the many obstacles her client faced, including the death of her young daughter to cancer.

They appeared in court several times only to be told by the District Attorney (DA) that they needed additional information, and documentation. Atty. Castañeda provided all the information requested and continued to fight for the “impossible” remedies she requested. But finally last week, with the same District Attorney (that she had worked with nearly five years ago in this case), the Court granted her motion in its entirety with the DA not objecting and consenting to all the relief that were requested.

The client almost gave up hope but Atty. Castañeda knows that “miracles” happen and with hard work and luck, overcoming past mistakes and redeeming yourself is a possibility for her client.

Her client was in disbelief and credits Atty. Castañeda for all this but she humbly just stated, “I am very happy for him and I know he has learned a lesson from all this—never give up hope and prayers get answered.”